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Pokemon oc~
Name: Fye
Nicknames(s): None
Alias(es): Fire tornado
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: 23
Birthday: September 13
Star Sign: Virgo

Physical/Material Facts

Hair: Blonde, fades to black
Eyes: Dark grey
Build: Thin and rather small
Clothes: Red and black motorcycle suit, and black rubber boots. 
Notable Features: Frekles
Accessories: Golden necklacce with fire embelem
Other/Etc: Her clothing is fire resistant


Likes: Fire, light, heat, spicy food, metals, friendly competition and fire type pokemon
Dislikes: Storms, rain, dark areas, water, swimming, most fairy or water type pokemon and 
Favorite Food: Anything spicy 
Favorite Possession: Her necklace
Favorite Pokemon: Pyroar
Favorite Other(s): Mid day
Hobbies: Exploring, training
Dreams: Becoming the strongest fire type gym and
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Mature content
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Inasity au

Joseph Garret
Has been going insane ever since starting to get worked up with his Minecraft series, he was diagnosed with clinical insanity on January 21, 20██ after disappearing for a month and suddenly reappearing
was given a life sentence with a chance of parole for grievous body harm with intent, an attempt at murder and arson. Sent to ███████ Insane Asylum to serve this sentence after reporting hearing and seeing the characters from his Minecraft series, and in rare cases being able to smell burning flesh and having a strong desire to attack anything within a 5-foot radius.
Only personnel level 2 security are allowed to interact (by entering the room, speaking to, interviewing or giving objects), objects must be checked by a level 3 or up official before being given to Joseph.
Must speak to similarly to a child, if he talks about his hallucinations then liste
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About me❤

Mark of Beauty by half-rose

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Ella | Gender Symbols - Female by TwinkJinx | she/her | Flag of United States by EmilyStor3 | Sexual Orientations - Homosexual by TwinkJinx Arrow right by Drawn-Mario

"Heaven, if you sent us down so we can build a playground for the sinners to play as saints."
e d g y (Donation Gift!) by aesthetic-garbage

This is my writing account!
Hamilton Userbox by justclay
fanfiction userbox by userboxesgalore
heck userbox by userboxesgalore

crush userbox by userboxesgalore
Too many ocs userbox by AxelTheJackal
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Red, black, green, cats, ICP, drawing, rants and HitTheTarget
Flashing images, annoying kids, story time videos and yellow(i don't dislike alot of stuff tbh)

- Stamp: Dog teeth. - by ChicaTH weapons_001 by bbagels Ohh...fuck! by JustYoungHeroes



Simple bg - 20 extra points
Complex bg - 25 extra points
Detailed Shading
Will take longer
simple bg - 10 extra points
complex bg - 15 extra points
Flat color
A simple flat color image
A simple background is free!
Detailed backgrounds will be an extra point
Base edit
Where I change the species or add-on
You may not repost the base without my written permission in notes 

And just so everyone knows the base maker will always be credited and I'll check if I can use it for commission first


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